Annika Wolfe

Annika Wolfe follows up 2021's 'Chiques Funk' EP for Motech Records with a new four-tracker, 'Sea of Lust'. Her early musical influences span a range of genres from punk and new wave to hip hop and hunk, where here eclectic taste brings her sound for the LA-based multi-genre music producer and DJ.  

Though some know Annika for deep, rhythmic and raw techno, this new EP goes on an electro journey. Opener 'Bent Truths' finds a middle ground between these two genres, while 'Sea of Lust' and 'Delusional' turn up the electro flavour, before the deep and funky 'Secret Admirer' aims to bring sex appeal to post-club action.  


Annika: "I was working to refine my electro sound and had written plenty of projects, but these four came together easily. This EP is a lot different than most of my work, but I had a lot of fun expressing myself with them."  


'Sea of Lust' is released 14 April on Motech Records to coincide with a Boiler Room set from Annika, live streaming from Chicago's Trqpiteca at Radius & Cermak Hall on 15 April.

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