Turtle’s Jon Cooper continues to possibly explore every electronic angle available ahead of the forthcoming album 'Landmass'. A flashback to ‘90s electronica that hardwires raw, primitive sounds with organic orchestral elements, it’s the end game for the BBC 6 Music-supported singles 'Earth' and ‘Mars’.

A weightless examination of time and space, ‘Moon’ is a sensory deprivation/enlightenment soundtrack. Cyclical and hypnotic, “it’s something you can just sink into and allow the mind to wander, from the micro cellular to the macro cosmic”, confirms Cooper. Messing around with old wavetable synth textures, Cooper recorded and processed chord progressions over and over until achieving a thick and creamy lo-fi grain.


"'Landmass' explores the idea that we are part of something bigger,” says Cooper. "Bigger than ourselves, our egos, our hopes, fears, desires. Bigger than the things that divide us and enslave us. Bigger than the earth, the solar system, the galaxies.” 

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