Dino Lenny

Dino Lenny

With its groove, piano licks and rave stabs, Dino Lenny’s new track ‘Did This’ is as weird as it is good and it’s already getting plaudits from various DJs and producers. Part of electronic music for over 30 years, London-based Dino has achieved a lot in his career. 

The early part of his musical journey took him to various clubs, then he had a spell remixing and collaborating with artists like INXS, Scissor Sisters and Madonna. He’s notched up UK Top 40 hits then stealthily reverted into the underground with releases on labels like Ellum Audio, Crosstown Rebels and now his latest production on R&S Records.


Dino’s grooves are jaunty and ever on the move, with slapping hits, rumbling bass and open hi-hats all layered up into something restless and catchy. The synths are a little wonky as they weave in and out of the drums next to unbalanced piano chords. 


His own spoken word vocal is a hook that sends a tongue-in-cheek message to bootleggers before ravey stabs drop in to take things forward. 


Out 10 February as part of the Belgian label’s 40th anniversary celebrations, ‘Did This’ also earns a place on the forthcoming ‘In Order To Dance 4.0’ album compilation. 

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