Chris Liebing

Chris Liebing recently dropped ‘Love Those Who Fight With Passion And Faith EP’ on CLR. For the first label release of 2023, Chris drops an EP for his own imprint, the two-track ‘Love Those Who Fight With Passion And Faith EP’. Leading the release, ‘For Those Who Fight’ combines kicks and siren-esque bleeps with vocal samples and percussion for a club cut. 

Chris Liebing
Chris Liebing

‘With Passion And Faith’ keeps the energy levels high with dubbed-out FX, twisted atmospherics and drum machines. 

While 2022 saw Liebing’s ‘Another Day’ LP and remix version, ‘Another Night’, for Daniel Miller’s Mute, 2023 will see him in full-on singles mode with some collaborations to come. 


His imprint started in 1999 and returned in 2021 after a five-year hiatus. Now titled Create Learn Repeat, it reemerged in the techno underground with releases from Liebing himself, followed by newcomer Frankie Bromley, Hertz Collision & Gene Richards Jr, DEAS, Truncate, Drumcell and Luke Slater. 


Chris Liebing's ‘Love Those Who Fight With Passion And Faith EP’ is out on CLR now.

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