London-based producer and composer kisakdee recently announced his new EP with the release of lead single ‘Hypna’, a driving, emotional, melodic slice of beat-driven electronica.

kiskadee is the moniker of Jack Chown, a producer and composer based in London who has previously collaborated with artists such as Benjamin Francis Leftwich and Tycho Jones, and worked as an engineer for the likes of Jessie Ware, M.I.A and HAELOS. 


As kiskadee he produces electronic music, capturing sounds from his surroundings and transforming them into soundscapes that reflect his own experiences in a relatable way.


His new single is a blend of urgent beats and gathered soundscapes, that aims to evoke a chill aesthetic whilst also looking forwards to the club-focused electronica he’ll be putting out later this year.


The track is the lead single from his forthcoming ‘Believe In Love’ EP, due for release 31 March 2023.

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