Harry Romero

Harry Romero

After over two decades in the business, Harry Romero and Defected have compiled tracks from the Jersey native’s expansive career to create an eclectic and essential collection for any fans of the genre, as he joins the list of House Masters. 

Featuring old favourites and driving re-edits of the producer’s biggest tracks, aiming to appeal to long-time fans while also reaching a new generation of listeners to discover his discography. The compilation celebrates Romero’s solo releases in addition to collaborations with house vocalists such as Inaya Day and Jocelyn Brown. 


Tracks that propelled the Latin DJ to international acclaim, ‘Night @ The Black’ and ‘Just Can’t Get Enough’, sit alongside remixes of house tracks, like Johnny Corporate’s ‘Sunday Shoutin'’, as well as Romero’s fresh takes on more recent releases from the likes of Fiorious and DJ S.K.T. 


Recent collaborations with Honey Dijon and Louie Vega have possibly cemented Harry ‘Choo Choo’ Romero’s status as a producer, and ‘Defected Presents House Masters – Harry Romero’ signals a rebirth as Harry 2.0 enters his renaissance.

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