Void Complet

Following his 'Affirmative EP' earlier this year, London's Void Complet steps up on newly minted Duga Records with the house track  ‘Hey Look I Know’. Marked by chugging drums, vocal loops and a rushy filtered pad throughout, it’s occasionally broken up by whistling polyrhythms before piano stabs take centre stage. 

Void Complet
Void Complet

The release also comes with a dark and dub version for the late nights and the early mornings. Chog Burley, aka Void Complet, follows up fellow co-founder Whipps’ inaugural release on Duga Records. 


The label is the brainchild of Chog together with Paul Greenwood, also known as Logic Kid, and Michael Whipps who between them produce music across a wide spectrum.


Intersecting at their musical common ground, the label intends to offer a platform to new artists looking to get their tracks broadcast far and wide. 


Void Complet ‘Hey Look I Know’ is out now on Duga Records.

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