Bross continues to establish a new house-focussed direction for his sound with the release of his new two-track EP ‘Renaissance’, which is out now on Trubadour Records.

Last month he released ‘No More Games’, a Bandcamp exclusive that saw him move further towards the house sound that will characterise his music in 2023. 


Kicking off the EP is ‘Faith’, a groove-led house cut complete with drums, brass and a sparing use of vocal samples.

One the flip, ‘Renaissance’ is more urgent, with hints of progressive house with its slow build, tribal drums and vocal. 


Bross is possibly one of the most vital electronic artists from the Romanian music scene. Scoring Beatport No.1’s with La Caminata on ‘All Day I Dream’ and Trubadour on Amulanga, he established himself with deep, organic, melodic releases, before switching his sound up to become more house-focussed at the start of 2022. 


Co-founder of the deep house Bucharest community he was recently asked to join Electronic Groove’s mix series, which has already clocked up around 20k streams.

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