Like Mike X Asher Swissa

Like Mike X Asher Swissa

Like Mike is back for his third solo release this year, this time joined by Israeli melodic techno producer Asher Swissa for a progressive house track. The pair incorporate their respective styles to create ‘Awaking’. Blending their sonic profiles, they create a cut that constructs a harmony of two worlds converging into one.

As one half of the duo Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Mike's accrued numerous #1 singles in many countries, whilst working with some of the biggest names in dance music. A chameleon with his sound, his solo work is a blend of genres that are the soundtrack of his life and this latest track is another showcase of his diverse creative output.


Asher Swissa is the side project of Israeli electronic artist Skazi. Collaborating with names such as Korolova and Miss Monique, Asher is trying his hand at a melodic house, progressive techno sound. As possibly one of the leading names in psy-trance (as Skazi), and given the initial success Swissa is having, 2023 could be an exciting next chapter.


Like Mike and Asher Swissa's 'Awaking' is available exclusively on Smash The House now!

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