Bauarbeiter der Liebe

Bauarbeiter der Liebe

New on Zatar Music, the new label by Phonique, is a three track release by Bauarbeiter der Liebe. The EP kicks off with the title track, ‘Haunted’, a low-slung house groover with a vocal. The track showcases production, merging synths with drums and a warm, melancholic feel. The vocal is delivered in a husky, world-weary tone with honest, crafted lyrics that aim to push this track into the realm of classic.

The EP is augmented by two additional versions, one from the label boss himself Phonique, who toughens up the groove and leads the track into deeper territories. It’s aimed directly for the dancefloor, whilst still maintaining its essential elements.


Also included is a radio version which focuses on the crossover potential of the vocal.


Bauarbeiter der Liebe (Love Builders) features back-to-back DJ action by Lutzer and Tille with interspersed improvisations by Pätte with trumpet, keys or bass works. Patrick Föllmer, Lutz Hartmann and Tilmann Jarmer have already released music together as Lilabungalow, Klinke auf Cinch and Alfred Quest. 

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