ASA 808 feat. DAEDE

ASA 808

Aiming to push the boundaries of techno, house and bass elements, ASA 808 has possibly made their name by combining classical instruments with analogue synths and drum machines. On new single ‘Love No Matter What’ they have teamed up with fellow Berlin artist DAEDE for a club cut that combines elements of house, electronica and indie dance.

Asa started making music at the age of six, first learning classical piano and guitar (despite being seen unfit by some peers due to a heredofamilial essential tremor), later specialising in music theory and composition, jazz and improvisation. As a teenager, the non-binary artist released a five-track EP with their first solo project ‘Hasta la otra méxico!’, from which ‘Túrána hott kurdís’ attracted attention, hitting almost a million views on Vimeo and YouTube.


The track is their first collaborative release since they were teenagers. Taken from Asa’s upcoming solo album ‘Boy Crush’ the song feels like a warm outburst of unconditional queer love, inspired by the two musicians' long history of making music throughout their youth.


The track follows the release of previous single ‘Bliss’ which came out in June.

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