Romania’s Bross drops a Bandcamp exclusive in the shape of the melodic house cut ‘No More Games’. Possibly one of the most vital electronic artists from the Romanian music scene, he’s been scoring Beatport No.1’s with La Caminita on ‘All Day I Dream’ and ‘Trubadour’ on Amunanga.

He established himself with deep, organic, melodic releases, before switching his sound up to become more house-focussed at the start of 2022. Co-founder of the Deep House Burcharest community and a DJ, he apparently lives and breathes house music.

The track sees him in a reflective mood as he continues to explore the deeper shades of house music. Released exclusivity on Bandcamp, it’s patient and atmospheric, with melodies intertwined with choral layers, hushed drums and spacious synth lines, resulting in an early-hours cut.


2022 and beyond sees Bross looking to establish his own digital and vinyl label Troubadour, and to further cement the new development of his housier sound with his upcoming releases.

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