Jon Hester

Previously appearing on Rekids with his two-part ‘Converge’ album released across 2020 and 2021 after multiple EPs on Rekids Special Projects, Jon Hester now releases his next release, ‘Action EP’. A no-holds-barred presentation of the Berlin-based DJ/producer’s latest upfront techno, the release shows Hester in fine form.

Jon Hester (image by MarieStaggat)
Jon Hester (image by MarieStaggat)

Leading the release, ‘Scrape’ sees densely reverberated hits spar with pumping kicks and rattling percussion, leading into the trippy metallic synths, textured claps, and sparse pads of ‘Blinker’. 


‘Sirens’ aims to ignite the dancefloor with a cacophony of sirens and drum machines taking the lead, before ‘Arise’ rounds out the release with wonky low-end, FX-laden hits and vocal gasps.


Jon Hester: “These tracks mark the return to our beloved dance floors. Direct, no-frills, punchy cuts to make you move. Action!"


Jon Hester's ‘Action EP’ drops via Rekids Special Projects today.


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