Ten City

Ten City

With five albums and a recent Grammy nomination for Best Electronic/Dance Album under their belt; Ten City, comprising of Byron Stingily (lead singer/songwriter) and producer Marshall Jefferson recently released new single ‘A Girl Named Phil’ on Patrick Moxey’s Helix Records label.

Ten City
Ten City

Enduring a new musical chapter in a career the band’s latest record is distinctively Ten City, a deep dive in the archives that contain the band’s warm, career glow. 

Ten City are best known for releasing records such as 'That's The Way Love Is' which reached the UK's Top 10 and 'Right Back To You'. Releasing their debut album Foundation' in 1989, they then followed up with their 'State Of Mind' LP in 1990, the 'No House Big Enough' LP in 1992 and finally their 'That Was Then, This is Now' album in 1994. 


Ten City reformed in 2021 with the studio album ‘Judgement’ delivering their first original music together in over two and a half decades. 


The partnership between Stingily and Jefferson aims to shine in their music, but it’s their friendship and truthful song writing together that creates  the collaboration.


Byron Stingily: “Many songs in our past have reflected on dealing with break-ups, makeups, and falling in love. ‘A Girl Named Phil’ looks at modern world relationships and changing roles. Breaking up can be difficult and the track discusses added layers of frustration, inadequacy, and feelings of rejection. This is our attempt to say something different after decades in music.”  


The single sites at the intersection of house and disco as Byron fully invests in the song’s underlying emotion; a vocally intimate performance, carrying a message of love over strings.


Ten City’s ‘A Girl Named Phil’ is out now via Helix Records.

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