Cristoph Feat. Ross Quinn


Newcastle born DJ/producer Cristoph was continues his pursuit of progressive dance tracks by launching his new label Consequence of Society. The name may be familiar to some as title of his 2015 EP that helped cement his production talents and breakthrough in a year that possibly went on to be an important one for the emerging DJ and ‘Eric Prydz protégé’. 

‘Turning Away’ featuring Ross Quinn marks release number one with all the hallmarks of an artist aiming to be at the forefront of a genre. Ross’ vocal rewards Cristoph’s inaugural label release with a feeling of exuberance and melancholy. 


The track with its deep and driving roots serves as both a statement of intent and a lineage to early-2000s dancefloor memories that have possibly gone on to define his sound.


Cristoph has released music on various labels in the progressive house scene, including Bedrock, Last Night On Earth, Truesoul, Knee Deep in Sound, Yoshi Toshi, and Selador. More recently, he collaborated with Franky Wah to release ‘World You See’ on the Pryda Presents label, a single that has apparently nearly four million Spotify streams.


Cristoph: “It’s always been a career goal to run my own label, it was just a question of ‘when’ rather than anything else.


“During the pandemic I started to write a wider variety of music across the house and techno spectrum to try and keep as active as possible and broaden exactly what I do, so more of my own music could fit in to the longer, extended sets I play. 


“Once lockdown lifted, I found myself with an abundance of tracks and loving the fact I had total artistic freedom. Because of this, the team and I decided that now would be a good time to launch my own platform for the records as I would be completely in charge of what I released, when I released and how often I released. The name of the label has been an idea I’ve used for a fair few years now and stems from the whole concept of the music I love and play being a consequence of the society I grew up in.”


Cristoph Feat. Ross Quinn ‘Turning Away’ is out now on COS Recordings.

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