Dames Brown

Dames Brown

Aiming to epitomise the very best of their hometown’s musical heritage, Detroit’s Dames Brown are the vocal trio you may not yet know by name but possibly know by voice. 

Lending their range to a number of modern house essentials, including Sophie Lloyd’s ‘Calling Out’, The Vision featuring Andreya Triana ‘Heaven’ and David Penn’s ‘Nobody’ in recent years, Athena Johnson, Teresa Marbury and LaRae Starr released ‘What Would You Do?’ in 202. 


Produced by long-time collaborator of the group and fellow Motor City native Amp Fiddler and Mahogani Music regular Andrés, now Lyon house artist Folamour steps up to remix this cut. 


Lending his groove to the release, synth notes, electric bass licks and live instrumentation aim to give the track another lease of life.

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