Purple Haze

Purple Haze

Sander van Doorn returns to the release radar under his Purple Haze moniker with his latest production ‘Horizons’. The new track follows up a slew of singles under the alias such as last year’s ‘Manoeuvres’, ‘Recover’, and ‘Faces’, in addition to serving as a follow-up to Sander’s ‘Breakfast In Vegas’ from the tail end of this February. 

The melodic techno offering aims to be anthemic in nature, to provide a larger-than-life ambiance throughout its entirety. Beginning with a bass and rhythm, the atmospheric opus sets the stage for an eventual slower pace. A vocal enters the sonic space shortly after, instilling the tune with lyricism replete with a sense of optimism and hope. The sensibilities pick back up, taking the listener on a journey of sound. An ambient flair, soundscapes, and heady tone round out the rest of the release.


It’s out now on Armind.

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