Benny T

Benny T

Hailing from the small village of Kanye, Botswana, but now currently based in the capital city of Garborone, Benny T has taken inspiration from both village and city living, fusing Afro rhythms with house music across his growing catalogue of releases. 

Having joined the Sondela imprint with a two-track EP ‘Black Technology’ in 2021, Benny’s follow-up opens with ‘Voices From The Dark Forest’, while ‘Abednico’s Song’ serves as a tribute to his brother Abednico Thero Malepa, who played a huge role in his musical career. 


Both tracks highlight Benny’s elevating pads with a sea of strings and crescendo; making the release an identifiable creation and one that is reflective of his Tswana roots.


Benny T ‘Abednico’s Song’ is out 8 April on Sondela Recordings.

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