Core Underdogs artist ICLE steps out with his first solo EP following a number of collaborations already this year. ICLE is a member of the Underdogs DJ and party crew. He was part of the 'Dos Cuerpos' release early in the year, his debut production, which was then followed by ‘Connected’ back in summer. 

He is a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist and is apparently well known around Brazil for his sets, and for this first solo outing he enlists vocalist Lawrran. 


First up is the 'From Lockdown To Relief' which pairs a deep, slowly turning groove with Balearic guitars and loose percussion. DSF then adds his own spin and reworks the track for the club. Melancholic chords, distant vocal cries and a jumbled beat all aim to take you on a worldly trip. 


Last of all is 'Children,' a groove with a samba shuffle and subtle wooden percussion. The tender falsetto vocal aims to tug at the heartstrings and is augmented by mellow acoustic guitars and marimba melodies. 

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