Amine Edge & Dance x Yungness & Jaminn Feat. Yazmin Manassib

Amine Edge & Dance

Previously collaborating on 2019’s ‘Nosey Parker EP’ on Desolat, Southern France’s Amine Edge & Dance and Marseille-based Yungness & Jammin join forces again to deliver ‘Good Vibration’ for CUFF, featuring vocals from London’s Yazmin Manassib. 

Individually appearing across Sola, Defected, South of Saturn, and more, their latest joint effort combines roduction chops under Manassib’s vocal performance. Formed of bouncing low end, rattling drums, and flute samples, the track is a melting point of influences from each collaborator, fusing together to create the track.


Amine Edge & Dance x Yungness & Jaminn ft. Yazmin Manassib ‘Good Vibration’ is out now on CUFF.

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