Moe Taha

Moe Taha

Motor City resident Moe Taha continues with his newly launched A&M Music label with a third EP of the year. Taha is adept at grooves and disco infusions that aim to offer musical escapism drenched in soul. The lifelong turntablist is the latest in a long line of artists from Detroit who has his own musical personality. 

He brings elements of Latin, jazz and soul to his work, never shies away from real emotion and founded this label as a way of shining light on talented artists, regardless of who they are, and what they have or haven't achieved. 


'Praise' is an upbeat house groove with bass bends and twists down low while jumbled percussion aims to make you move your limbs. A female vocal brings a spiritual element as the track powers on and locks in the floor. 


'Wanting You' brings a more open-hearted, piano-laced vibe. The soulful vocal overflows with a sense of love, big claps and uplifting chords. 

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