Sllash & Doppe

Sllash & Doppe

Toolroom Trax has officially reached its 200th release with Sllash & Doppe dropping ‘African Vibe’. The duo are apparently veterans when it comes to dropping banging house tunes, from records such as ‘Aguella’ to remixing Mark Knight & D. Ramirez’s ‘Colombian Soul’. The Romanian duo have a vibe with their sound, opting for more natural, real world sonics mixed with their tech house grooves. 

Their new track follows this trend, who without skipping a beat, kick off with a percussive loop along with a fierce bassline that aims to get you moving. The duo also throw in a few wildlife noises and FX which are reminiscent of the African plains. 


The track’s main feature though, is its rolling steel drum melody which hits fade in and glitch out as the record’s temperature reaches its breaking point. Before you know it, the duo have dropped back into that infectious bass groove, rounding off the track and signing off the release. 


It’s out now.

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