Omer Bar & Omri Guetta

Israeli duo Omer Bar and Omri Guetta bring their house sound to Stripped Down, while Berlin artist Johannes Albert remixes. Omri is apparently ‘one of the most sought-after DJs in Tel Aviv’. A part of the underground scene, he runs Frau Blau with label partner Kadosh and has released on other imprints including The Gardens of Babyon and Mau House with major label plans in the pipeline. Meanwhile, Omer Bar has released on the Frau Blau label. From the Tel Aviv underground, he is another Israeli talent. 

Opener 'Sara' sees the duo working alongside a third producer, Liad Douk. The track is full of twisted synths and bass with kicks locking you into a groove while hi-hats and snapping hits bring extra tension. 


Remixer Johannes Albert is the man behind the Frank Music label and a residency at Berlin club Renate. His take on the track is stripped back to a rubbery kick and bass combo. A muted synth sequence rises up and down the scale while chattery percussion adds vital texture. 


There's a haunting feeling to closer 'Omrim' thanks to the synth lines and freaky vocal stabs. It's a snaking rhythm that aims to seduce as it goes, with plenty of sound designs and a riff lighting up the whole track. 

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