At the peak of Hedkandi’s popularity it was throwing parties all across the world and reaching many with its series of mix CDs and compilations. Now after celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019, Hedkandi has announced its revival with two one-off parties… and plenty more to follow. For years Hedkandi was part of the soulful house and disco scene in the UK and beyond, and anyone who was clubbing in the 2000s and beyond will likely have memories of their parties.

The brand recently announced two comeback parties and on Sunday, 24 October they will open the doors of Newcastle’s Digital at 14.00 and relive the music and atmosphere of those nights. The London show follows on Saturday, 13 November at Cargo.


Both the Newcastle and London shows will take you back to the feeling of the original Hedkandi events at Pacha with the production, music and atmosphere.


Created by Mark Doyle in 1999 while working for Jazzfm, Hedkandi began as a record label releasing unmixed compilation CDs across a variety of genres. Within a couple of years, it branched out into events with its blend of soulful house and disco sounds, a fun-loving, unpretentious vibe and championing of its core of resident DJs striking a chord.   


After a dormant period for the brand, in 2019 Mark rejoined Hedkandi to curate the 20th anniversary events. Following a run of parties, 2020 saw Mark running the Hedkandi events brand presenting the weekly Hedkandi radio show and introducing live streams in exotic locations to keep people entertained during the 2020 coronavirus pandemic lockdowns.


For more info and tickets to both shows, head to http://www.hedkandi.com/events.

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