ALOK & John Legend

ALOK | John Legend

Brazilian artist ALOK has had collaborations and remixes with the likes of The Rolling Stones, Zara Larsson, Jason Derulo and more. He apparently holds the title of having the second biggest Instagram following of any electronic artist globally with over 25 million followers and 20 million monthly listeners on Spotify. And now he’s recently linked up with John Legend on ‘In My Mind’.

With over 5 ½ million streams on Spotify since its initial release, over 30,000 people apparently tuned into the live YouTube premiere of the track’s video. It follows two lovers dreaming of reuniting in the magic of subway cars, with flickering memories and visions of hope, a union of expression is displayed as you follow the story.


The duo have crafted a slow-burning coalition that showcases John’s vocals punctuated by guitar strums. As the “If I close my eyes/ I got you in my mind” lyric paves the way to an ascent, the track leans into ALOK’s sound, deeper in production, making for a backdrop for John’s vocals.

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