Pig&Dan + Gregor Tresher

 Pig&Dan | Gregor Tresher

Off the back of their collaborative EP on Truesoul in March, Pig&Dan and Gregor Tresher come together for a 10-track album. ‘Soulcatcher’ marks only the seventh album release on the label in its 19-year history, the little brother imprint to Drumcode helmed by Adam Beyer. 

Pig&Dan + Gregor Tresher
Pig&Dan + Gregor Tresher

Pig&Dan possibly have one of the deepest discographies in techno. They remain one of the most reliable contributors to Beyer’s labels over recent years, with ‘Soulcatcher’ marking their third release on the label in 2021. 


Gregor Tresher has helped soundtrack the development of the European techno sound over a 25 year period, releasing tracks such as ‘Goliath’ and ‘A Thousand Nights’.

As a collective the track encapsulates their sound palette.


The album spans bright airy house, progressive and melodic techno textures, and cuts from the darker end of their sonic spectrum.


It aims to hint at the freedom that awaits us and the better days ahead and ‘Become The Sky’, may well become one of the tracks of the summer.

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