‘Make Time’ is the second release from LDLDN (NTS Radio, Spacebass) on his Natural Frequency Records imprint, with remixes from Midnight Snacc (Don’t Be Afraid label head, Semtek & talented DJ/producer, Iona T), and Broke One (Radio Raheem, Italy). 

The EP opens with the title track ‘Make Time’, a house jam with snapping percussion and a swelling vocal lick, locked together by synth jams. ‘Refresh Rate’ takes a different, more abstract direction as a bassline moves throughout, complimented by a shuffling, distorted drum groove. 


The Midnight Snacc crew change the angles of the title track with their bottom-heavy ‘Make Time (Acid Dropp remix)’. Strings and melodies elevate the mood, while the tight bassline and drums make this possibly dancefloor material. 


The EP is closed out by Italy’s Broke One, his remix of the title track possibly capturing that 1990s’ Reinforced Records essence - heavy drums, synths and rugged acid basslines. 

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