Hannes Bieger

Hannes Bieger

Berlin remixer, live act and producer Hannes Bieger returns to Poker Flat Recordings for the first time since his 2019 track 'Chemistry'. Bieger matches his studio skills with a sense of what the dancefloor possibly needs, and has probably made an impact in the scene with releases on the likes of Bedrock and Awesome Soundwave. 

Here, he brings two new tracks to the surface via ‘The Heart’ EP.


The title track features the vocals of Ursula Rucker - the poet, activist and vocalist from Philadelphia who has featured in various records over the past two decades - Bieger provides a groove for Rucker to deliver her vocals.


'Santorin' is an even deeper cut, showcasing his production technique via a groove, rolling bass and restrained modular flourishes.

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