Mason takes his ‘tongue in cheek attitude’ to music and runs with it in his new video for ‘Givin’ Up.’ In the video, he plays a parody of himself: a producer under pressure to make another big record while being stuck in lockdown. He’s seen reminiscing about previous live gigs and going about a very mundane life while trying to motivate himself to make a big record - a follow up to 2007’s ‘Exceeder’.

All the while he is under coercion from his manager via email to deliver a hit and offering his own advice; something probably every career producer under the sun will no doubt be able to relate to.


After being invited to pilfer the multi-tracks of the classic label Philly Groove, Mason selected a tune to remodel in his own style. Following ‘Drowning in Your Love’ on Toolroom, ‘Givin’ Up’ follows in a similarly disco-leaning path, complete with chords, soulful vocals and a big breakdown.

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