Terror Peaks

Terror Peaks

Terror Peaks is a musical project from IDM and sample-based producer, sound artist, and DJ Jude BH (fka. Hambling). Whilst most of his contemporaries take a dubbed out or warm approach to beats and techno, Jude’s tunes turn against this, favouring maximalist explorations of icy, bright textures, swimming in stretched vocal manipulations that sometimes space over 20 minute ‘trip’ soundscapes. 

Terror Peaks releases his debut EP this year on a new label MOTR, a sub-label of the Slow Dance collective which is home to acts like lack midi, Jockstrap, Sorry, Goat Girl, PVA and Squid.


Lead single ‘Sᐝo⼁❘ ︲⏐ ˌ ˈ ̩/ Showyou’ is experimental electronica/IDM that calls to mind the frenetic productions of Squarepusher: a disorientating blend of constantly shifting rhythms, drums and vocals. 


Terror Peaks: “The aim was for no two rhythmic parts to be the same, but to still retain some level of danceability even if that means only an alien can dance to it. An anti-relaxation track with 'impossible drums', always throwing the beat off guard. Otherwise it would be quite a serene place." 


Mirroring the chaos of modern existence, Jude’s sound aims to explore extremity, colossal landscapes, being easily overwhelmed, and terror and ecstasy in flux. His music apparently also has literary inspirations, spanning romantic poetry, the epics, and existential and sublime philosophy.


It’s out now, check it out below.

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