Yesterday saw the release of Ian Weatherall & Duncan Gray's tribute to Ian's brother, the late Andrew Weatherall. Landing on Andrew's Rotter's Golf Club imprint and featuring remixes from David Holmes, Keith Tenniswood and Sean Johnston (as Hardway Bros), all proceeds from the release will be shared with Andrew's partner, Lizzie, and the Thrombosis UK Charity. 

Any follower of Andrew Weatherall will be familiar with ‘The Sons of Slough.’ Comprising Andrew’s brother Ian and Duncan Gray, they have produced music together for 20 years and throughout Andrew has been an avid supporter playing their records at his shows, helping Duncan set up his Tici Taci label and generally being a good friend. 


Their mutual admiration for Factory Records made it an obvious place to seek inspiration for a tribute record. The influence of Factory on Andrew and Ian’s lives is difficult to overstate. They spent a fair chunk of the ‘80s travelling all over the country to catch the label’s artists perform. 


New Order were pretty much top of the list and the Factory ethos of creativity over commercialism was to become Andrew’s main drive throughout his career. Ian and Duncan have reworked New Order’s ‘In a Lonely Place’ as a homage to Factory and the inspiration they were to a whole generation. 


David Holmes, Keith Tenniswood and Sean Johnston (all long time Weatherall collaborators) used the track as a jumping-off point bringing Factory, New Order, their own musical perspective and most of all Andrew together in a unique tribute to shared times and fond memories. 


The tracks were released to mark the first anniversary of Andrew’s passing on 17 February. 

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