House Dogz

House Dogz

British duo House Dogz return to their Sub House Records imprint with a house track entitled 'Don't You Love Me'. Made up of Doncaster based artists and brothers Chris and Phil Hamilton, they define their house sound by playing live bass, guitar, keys and singing vocals inspired by their love of soul and funk. 

From an early age, both brothers toured with their father's soul and R&B band, playing the guitar, bass and singing backing vocals, so soulful music is set in their DNA. 


Their 'Don't You Love Me' single sees them return to their newly formed imprint which chartered in Beatport's hype house top 10s twice throughout 2020. The track is an effervescent deep house cut which fuses vocals, piano keys and grooves in the track. 


House Dogz 'Don't You Love Me' is out on Sub House Records on 30 March.

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