Opening its virtual doors in February 2021 and produced by the agency Hyperactive, the BBL CLB (pronounced Bubble Club) is an online interactive and immersive experience where participants embark on a mission to locate an illegal underground rave. 

Eats Everything
Eats Everything

Their reward for finding the venue is a DJ line up spanning house, techno, D&B, UK garage and disco, with the event collaborating with  the likes of Hospital Records, Back to 95, Circus Records, Secretsundaze and Critical Records to bring  artists including Alan Fitzpatrick, Âme, Crazy P Soundsystem, Eats Everything, Kings of the Rollers, Sasha, Sam Divine, Uncle Duggs, wAFF and Yousef.


With clubs having been closed for the majority of 2020, dance music fans have been looking to online DJ sets and live streams and the aim of BBL CLB is to take the online experience to the next level, coming as close to the real experience of clubbing as it’s possible to get. 


The concept is a shared experience, played out on screen for groups of friends remotely and sits comfortably between an immersive theatrical experience and an illegal rave.


Andrew Casher, Hyperactive: “The BBL CLB is designed for those of us who miss the buzz of anticipation before a night out, the electricity and unity of the dancefloor, those madcap moments with our mates and of course the appreciation of dance music in all its guises. For me, BBL CLB is about togetherness when we're socially distanced and about supporting UK club culture which is so important to so many people both socially and professionally.” 


Attendees are guided through a sequence of situations by a cast who either help or hinder the quest to uncover the secret BBL CLB location. The drama features storylines associated with the illegal rave scene, and the decisions you make will determine your progress, with an array of parallel storylines running simultaneously and participants encouraged to gather intelligence and find easter eggs on multiple platforms. 


Once the rave has been located, participants will be able to experience live sets  from the DJs involved. Much like a nightclub, the DJ sets are exclusively for attendees and will not be shared or archived on other platforms.


For more information and for tickets to all shows, head to www.bblclb.com.

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