Purple Haze X FaderX

 Purple Haze X FaderX

With a discography spanning over two decades, for Sander van Doorn’s latest creation he teams up with trio FaderX for a club-aimed track, ‘The Kings Court’, which is out now via Doorn Records.

Aiming to take listeners on a sonic journey from the very first beat, the track employs trance elements, laced with a growling bassline, and is a hybrid creation that blends the artists’ sounds in a driving production.


Looking back on a very different year, Sander has apparently taken change in his stride as he aims to provide dance music fans with a constant stream of new music and mixes.


His previous release, ‘Temper Temper’ featuring Scottish vocalist ONR was a hopeful and touching creation, which apparently ‘struck a chord with fans missing live events around the globe.’ 


Playing a selection of livestreams, like most DJ/producers, Sander is 'patiently waiting to reconnect with people behind the decks when the time is right.'


Check it out here.

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