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Basement Jaxx | Roman Lindau

Basement Jaxx invite techno’s Roman Lindau to remix two tracks from their early catalogue on their own Atlantic Jaxx Recordings imprint. Following a series of remixes emerging over the past few years, the Grammy-winning duo have turned to Fachwerk-boss Lindau to work on the tracks, originally featured on 1998’s ‘Remedy’ (‘Yo Yo’) and 2001’s ‘Rooty’ (‘Crazy Girl’). 

Roman Lindau (by Marie Staggat)
Roman Lindau (by Marie Staggat)

The results are two reinterpretations that take the carnival spirit of the originals into darker, late-night territories. Off-kilter basslines and chords take front and centre on the remix of ‘Yo Yo’ as wacky vocals swirl around Lindau’s synthesis and drum programming.


‘Crazy Girl’ sees basslines warp in tandem with elements from the original, as shuffling percussion and drawn out pads build up to a series of synth hits aimed at dancefloor pandemonium. 


By injecting fresh ideas into these tracks, Roman Lindau adds to his own discography whilst continuing the legacy of Basement Jaxx.

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