Todd Terry

Todd Terry

Todd Terry is on form with his latest track ‘Black Again’ – a tune that aims to encapsulate all that is house music. Taking things back to the old skool, he strips back a production that is designed with the underground firmly in mind. One of the original pioneers of house music, Todd has already cemented his place in the house music hall of fame, but continues to evolve with the genre.

‘Black Again’ is a jacked-up and stripped-back dancefloor track with a vintage Todd Terry vibe. Pounding kick drums and offbeat hats lay the groove over a deep and dark bassline, as the spoken vocals deliver a message and sonic layer over the beat. The break introduces a leftfield melody that’s possibly a little out of the normal range for a Terry production but just adds to the beats.


Todd continues to push the envelope for house as he moves through the generations of trends and sub-genres in electronic music. Staying loyal to the sound that he fell in love with in the ‘80s, he continues to be just as relevant now.


‘Black Again’ is out now on InHouse Records, check it out below.

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