Kaskade & Will K | Rocket League

Kaskade recently made his debut on Monstercat with Australian producer Will K with their single, ‘Flip Reset’. In partnership with the video game Rocket League, the song is featured in-game now, and arrives with the announcement of Rocket League Season 2, which will officially go live on 9 December. 

Introducing the game’s first-ever music-themed season, players can look forward to enhancing their game experience with a full EP to come from Kaskade, as part of his multi-track deal with the label.


Kaskade“As a kid who grew up on a steady diet of arcades and video games, it’s only right that I finally get to team up with Monstercat and  Rocket League. Being able to create music (and get my own in-game items) exclusively for this season has stoked the kid in me that has always considered video games the ultimate threshold for cool. I hope you enjoy playing and it’s time to put those speakers to work. Turn it up!”


Over the last thee years, the label has soundtracked the gameplay with more than 90 songs from artists, earning over 400 million streams across platforms, a 30k- follower Spotify playlist with tracks added monthly, and popular compilation albums including an exclusive vinyl offering. 


Gavin Johnson, Monstercat’s Head of Gaming: “Together with Psyonix, it's been our shared vision to develop music discovery as a key pillar of the Rocket League experience for players. Alongside Kaskade, we are thrilled to be able to showcase this through an entire season dedicated to music."


The track will also be available as a Player Anthem in season 2, a new customisation option that will allow players to select the music that plays in the arena after scoring a goal.

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