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Alan Fitzpatrick | We Are The Brave | Rebūke

We Are The Brave head honcho Alan Fitzpatrick is back with another release on his own label, in collaboration with Irish DJ/producer Rebūke. ‘Ultimate Distortion’ is a club track full of dark and driving sonics, as a beat is laid down by the pair underneath distorted synths and a vocal consisting only of ‘acid’ being repeated throughout the track. 

Alan Fitzpatrick & Rebūke
Alan Fitzpatrick & Rebūke

The duo have used their abilities to create a techno track that aims to whip up a frenzy on any dancefloor or home raving scenario.


Since the duo finished the production in late summer 2019, it’s highlighted events including Paradise @ Brooklyn Mirage (USA), Drumcode @ WHP (UK), Awakenings (NL), Resistance (IBZ), Terminal V (UK), Beyond The Valley (AUS), Elrow x STRAF_WERK (NL), WATB @ Motion Bristol (UK), Spazio (ITA) and Factory 93 presents Drumcode @ Exchange (USA), among others.


Alan Fitzpatrick: “Had some fun working with Reuben on this. I think we’ve made a banger! Excited to release it into the wild and watch it take on its own momentum.”


Rebūke: “I’ve been playing ‘Ultimate Distortion’ non-stop over the last year at every big festival and it’s become one of the most requested track IDs in my sets. It’s just one of those tunes that takes your head clean off.” 


It’s out now, check it out below.

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