Association for Electronic Music

Association for Electronic Music

The Association for Electronic Music has launched a Code of Conduct against sexual harassment and gender discrimination. This Code of Conduct is launched with support from its membership of over 220 companies, including SheSaid.So and ADE quoting their endorsement, and media partners Mixmag, DJ Mag, RA, Beatportal, Attack Magazine to help prevent sexual harassment and gender / gender identity discrimination within the electronic music industry.

AFEM recognises that much of the electronic music industry is made up of small to medium sized businesses and operators who may not have HR departments or specific policies and documentation to refer to on the subject sexual harassment. This Code of Conduct begins the process of setting professional standards within electronic music for its members and wider industry to adopt.


Stat: 2019 survey by InChorus & SheSaid.So to shine a light on bias, harassment and micro-aggressions within the music industry, found 7 5% of all micro-aggressions logged related to gender, 8% referred to age, 8% referred to ethnicity, and 6% referred to sexuality.


Developed by the AFEM Diversity & Inclusion Working Group over many months, through the launch of its code, it hopes to enable the industry to identify and correct the mechanisms and attitudes within electronic music culture which enable and facilitate perpetrators of sexual harassment and abuse to go unchallenged and unreported.


The numerous profile cases of sexual harassment and assault being reported in the media within our industry this year, and the recently launched MeToo #ForTheMusic campaign, clearly points to the need for education and action in this area.


Greg Marshall, General Manager AFEM: “We want to bring about an electronic music culture where everyone involved feels safe, respected and free from sexual harassment and risk of assault, to ensure safe environments for fans and professionals and to advocate for a culture of support for victims of harassment and assault to ensure they are encouraged to come forward and feel they will be supported when they do.”


Download the code here.