Lost Frequencies

Lost Frequencies

It’s been about five years since Lost Frequencies released ‘Are You With Me’, his take on the original version of American county singer Easton Corbin. Since then, the Belgian DJ, producer and label owner has continued to release tracks whilst seeing his streaming numbers apparently ‘run into the billions.’ Recently, he went back to the point where it all began and reconnected with Easton for their follow-up collab: ‘One More Night’. 

Included on Lost Frequencies’ ‘Cup Of Beats’ EP, ‘One More Night’ is a story of love and desire that builds on the vibe of predecessor. With relatable lyrics, soft tones and a soulful touch tailored to Easton’s vocal sound, the record harnesses crossover potential.


Lost Frequencies: “I am super excited to share this new track with everybody. Having a collaboration with Easton Corbin is something people might not have expected, but makes so much sense. He was the original singer of 'Are You With Me', so we tried to blend the country and dance world once more into this track. I would also like to give a little shoutout to Terry McBride, with whom I got in contact on Instagram and worked on the first draft of the song. I hope everybody feels the vibe on this one.”


Easton Corbin: “Thinking back to what it was like when Felix released the remix for ‘Are You With Me’ was so interesting. I got to hear my song in a new light and that just proves that great music can transcend genres. ‘Are You With Me’ was able to launch incredible opportunities for Lost Frequencies and myself and getting to be a deeper part of this release now is an honour for me and what I’ve built with my own career.”


It’s out now, check it out below.

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