Tomorrowland | Eric Prydz

Tomorrowland | Eric Prydz

Tomorrowland and Eric Prydz have been working together the past few years on delivering shows and now the brand has asked the Swedish DJ/producer to co-develop a unique show for its digital festival. 

Together, they will reveal to festival visitors a brand-new audiovisual spectacle on a new stage on Saturday 25 July during Tomorrowland’s digital festival. More info will follow soon.


Tomorrowland’s Around the World digital festival takes place on Saturday 25 July to Sunday 26 July, 2020, between 16h00–01h00 CEST.


Festival visitors will be able to navigate easily through Pāpiliōnem with a PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet and explore the entire festival site with all the different stages and points of interest in an interactive way together with friends.


The event will also be ‘time-zone-friendly’ for visitors from Asia and North and South America and open for people of all ages and places.


Day ticket cost €12.50 and a weekend ticket costs €20.00, which includes a week of video-on-demand content to relive the entire experience.


Find out more at: tomorrowland.com.

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