Protocol Grooves

Protocol Grooves

Nicky Romero's Protocol Recordings has just released their ‘Protocol Grooves Pt.1 EP, which feature five never before heard tracks from Camarda & Almero, Stefano Iezzi & Joe C, Giorg & Santez, Soulvation, Mosimann & VY•DA. The EP focuses on an underground, clubby sound, aimed at showcasing the label's diversity. 

‘They Don't Know’ by Camarda & Almero opens the EP with a tech-house flourish, while ‘Hot’ by Stefano Iezzi & Joe C and ‘In Your Soul’ from Giorg & Santez deliver vocals and disco influences from a bygone era. 


Soulvation's ‘Gonna Make You Feel It’ is both minimal and funky with its kick drums, before Mosimann & VY•DA close the EP with their melodic house track ‘Waiting to Run’. 


Founded in 2012, although the global pandemic is preventing the label and Nicky from making their usual appearances this summer, the EP signifies a new venture following another milestone for the label: their 200th release.

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