Taking inspiration from an extensive range of genres, Discrete has released his third and final single, ‘Feed Me With Love’, ahead of his debut EP, which is due to drop at the end of May. Collaborating with vocalist Charla K, it aims to return to the golden era of Swedish house music.

Growing up in a creative household and discovering music production in his youth, Discrete developed production versatility on unreleased solo projects before writing and producing for artists spanning various genres. His first five singles log upwards of 65 million plays across all platforms and his songwriting also landed him the #1 position of the Japanese album charts for Kis-My-Ft2’s Free Hugs!


“Feed Me With Love” was created when Charla K and producer Alex Shield finished the first demo in a single evening. 


Charla K: “We never had to bang our heads to flesh out ‘Feed Me With Love.’ The painless song-writing process left us focusing on other projects until we brought NEIMY and Discrete onboard. The four of us secured the song’s irresistible pulse.”


Discrete: “I wanted to project the aesthetic from a decade ago onto contemporary house, so I experimented with some clean synths until I settled on what you hear on the track. Together with the guitars, the track sounds simultaneously like 2010 and 2020.”

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