The Toxic Avenger

The Toxic Avenger

French artist The Toxic Avenger returns to Enchanté Records with his single entitled ‘Lies’ featuring Look Mum No Computer from his ‘Midnight Resistance’ LP. The Toxic Avenger has released four albums in the past 10 years and has won the Prize for Best Music in Video Games (2016 / Furi) in addition to composing for film scores. 

His learning for over two years on modular synths has guided his new research into sound, bringing synthesisers to life making them feel organic. He now returns to Christophe Tastet’s Enchanté Records imprint for his ‘Midnight Resistance’ LP that comes out in May but before that comes this release. 


‘Lies’ is a synth driven cut featuring vocals from Look Mum No Computer, driving pads and raw oscillations that feature throughout the track.


It’s out 17 April. 

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