As everyone adjusts to this 'new normal', elrow aim to bring their music directly into the homes of clubbers around the world. Having partied with Desperados since 2016, they've shared the same passion from the beginning and by teaming up on these virtual sessions, they are able to continue to deliver experiences to keep the party going as people adjust to their new way of life.

After seeing the international success of its live sessions converted to a live program format with its resident artists as protagonists, the Barcelona entertainment company, together with Desperados as the main collaborator, have announced their agenda for this month. It consists of artists such as Technasia, Manu González, Marco Faraone, Fer BR, Yousef, Mele, Dennis Cruz and Rafa Barrios.


The premiere will be tomorrow, Sunday, 5 April from 3:00pm GMT - presented by MC Technasia accompanied by Ibizan Manu Gonzalez.


The next artists to go through the Home Sessions will be Italian producer Marco Faraone accompanied by the head of Uncage FER BR label. They'll be joined by the UK’s Yousef and Melé; and finally, Dennis Cruz from Madrid in collaboration with young Sevillian producer Rafa Barrios.


In case you miss it, elrow and their digital collaborators will share the sessions in full through their official channels on Facebook and Instagram.


If, after the session, you also want to become an artist of elrow, try doing the Challenge that they have launched on TikTok called #Showencasa and show them your DJ skills.

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