Dennis Ferrer | Riva Starr

Dennis Ferrer | Riva Starr

It’s been 11 years since Dennis Ferrer’s anthem ‘Hey Hey’ blew house heads away, taking the already established Ferrer’s career to the next level with an instant house classic. It was Beatport’s most charted track in its original release year, receiving DJ support from huge names across the board. We actually gave it it’s very first play in Scotland ever, but that’s another story!

Now, ten years since it was first produced, Riva Starr’s Paradise Garage Remix of the track finally sees the light of day, after acting as an apparent secret weapon for so long. With recent releases on his own label Snatch! Recordings and shows at Fabric, the Warehouse Project and Hï Ibiza, as well as opening for artists like Jamiroquai, Riva’s schedule is busy. 


A tribute to Giorgio Moroder’s pivotal sound and the Paradise Garage early house vibe, this remix is a close-your-eyes-and-feel-the-music record, with Riva’s remix giving ‘Hey Hey’ another dose of club longevity.


It’s out 20 March on DFTD.

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