Stefano Fontana

Stefano Fontana

Italy’s Stefano Fontana provides the inaugural release on Beatraxx featuring three cuts entitled ‘4 Those Who Likes The Underground Feet #1’, which includes a remix from NiCe7. Milan born DJ/producer, Stefano, who is also known as Stylophonic, kick-starts his Beatraxx imprint following releases on Supernova’s Lapsus label, D-FLOOR Music, Peppermint Jam, his Fontana Mood imprint and Paul’s Boutique Music.

Stefano invites a remix from Italian duo and D-FLOOR Music label bosses NiCe7, who won the Beatport music award for the best tech-house on Gruuv in 2012, and continue to deliver output on labels such as Crosstown Rebels, Defected, Snatch!, Glasgow Underground and many more. 


‘Party Just For Free (Vocal Mix)’ kicks things off with effervescent grooves, sweeping strings underneath and uplifting vocals chanting the track title before the ‘instrumental mix’ deploys a possible club-ready banger.


NiCe7’s remix rounds off the EP with revolving synth flutters and reverberating bass rolls.


It’s out 17 January.

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