The latest selection of tracks from Lopezhouse, the duo consisting of David Lopez and Carlos Cruz from La Mancha, Spain, have been a steadfast fixture in John Digweed’s DJ sets for months now. Surfing those uncharted sound waves, ‘Something Is Happening’ is a 12-minute throbbing futuristic journey with twists galore. 

The Spanish duo’s attitude also shines bright throughout their lunar landing inspired ‘Strange Music From Dark Side Moon’.


 Lopezhouse first came to the attention of Bedrock fans when John Digweed included Guy J’s dub remix of ‘Crosses & Angels’ on his ‘Live in Brooklyn’ opus. Their debut ‘November Clouds’ EP followed in the summer of 2017. Since then, they have navigated their rising popularity and apparently gained respect with further releases on the likes of Exploited, Plattenbank, Sincopat, Suara and Vondreib, before returning to Bedrock to conclude 2019. 


It’s out now.

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