Darklight Recordings

Darklight Recordings

Following on from Amsterdam Dance Event 2019, Fedde Le Grand’s Darklight Recordings is keeping the momentum going by delivering six new releases, in the space of just one week. Founded in 2015, the label is a ‘versatile platform for fresh and rising talent’ and these latest offerings aim to demonstrate that. 

German duo Vol2Cat’s single ‘Hoon’ was the first track to be released. Using an intensifying build of bass stabs and electronic vocals, the track leads to its inevitable drop. 


With a combination of futuristic synths and warped electronic vocals, American dance music veteran, Scotty Boy, aims to inject some groove to the start of the week with ‘Move To The Beat’.  


German duo Luke & Tobe provide catchy vocals and a repetitive, hard, electronic beat. Finding inspiration from the underground, ‘Elevate’  has an ominous aura, with the darker edge of the track supported by deep, profound vocals.


Scotty Boy and Lavelle Dupree’s ‘House U’ is the next track on offer. Calling on stabbing synths and a driving low-end instrumental arrangement, this funk-infused number is possible late night weapon to keep the dancefloor moving.


‘What I’m All About’ by Vantiz and Timo G injects a variety of electronic sounds and synths to create a melodic track that they hope will make listeners go wild from the outset.


The final addition to this release pack comes in the shape of ‘Give Me Down’ by Ukranian Costel van Dein. A heavy and thumping record, the track chops and changes across its duration with its build and drops. 

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