808 State

808 State

Acid-house artists 808 State recently released the video for ‘The Ludwig Question’ ahead of new album ‘Transmission Suite’, a record that remains true to the ethos of the band. The track is a bass cut that pulses and gyrates with mechanical energy that blends with the choreography and dance by the New York City PNDT (Patricia Noworol Dance Theater).

Graham Massey (808 State): “The new video has been made by our long-term visual collaborator Michael England. A high-octane thermal hyper-mash through the streets of N.Y.C. Using traditional hand painted frame by frame animation and analogue audio video synthesis to blur the lines between choreography and pure urban abstraction.”


The band announced two Graham Massey 808 State ‘Transmission Suite’ live dates in Germany – at Berlin’s Ipse on 15 November and at Uebel & Gerahrlich, Hamburg on 16 November. 


They will also appear at Robot Festival in Bologna, Italy on 25 October and Barcelona’s Razzmatazz on 23 November. 


The 15-track album, ‘Transmission Suite’, aims to reflect the rich backstory of electronic music, but with a forward-thinking vision. 


808 State’s ‘Transmission Suite’ is out on 11 October.

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